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IDEAL 1.60 ASP Super Flex Photo SPIN N8 X6 Coating Lenses

Short Description:

We are delighted to share the exciting news of our latest product launch.

Presenting the “CLEARER & FASTER PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES SUITABLE FOR DAILY LIFE,” a revolutionary series known as the 1.60 ASP Super Flex Photo SPIN N8 X6 Coating Lenses.

Designed to provide a superior visual experience, elevate style, and offer enhanced eye protection, these lenses are a perfect choice for those seeking quick photochromic lenses.

Let us take you through the notable features of this exceptional new item.

Product Detail

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To begin with, our lenses are skillfully crafted with a 1.60 index using the Super Flex raw material. This cutting-edge material showcases extraordinary flexibility and bendability, allowing for a wide range of frame designs and styles. Whether it's rimless, semi-rimless, or full-rim frames, our lenses seamlessly adapt to diverse fashion preferences.

Moreover, utilizing the latest N8, SPIN Coating technology, our lenses boast the newest generation of photochromic capabilities. Promptly adjusting to changing lighting conditions, they swiftly darken when exposed to sunlight and seamlessly clear when indoors or in low-light environments. Even when positioned behind car windshields, these lenses activate effectively, providing optimum eye protection. Furthermore, the N8 color exhibits heightened sensitivity to temperature, ensuring rapid adaptability in both cold and warm climates. This exceptional feature guarantees remarkable performance even in extreme conditions.

Adding to their outstanding photochromic performance is the X6 coating. This innovative coating significantly enhances the capabilities of the Photo SPIN N8 lenses. It enables rapid darkening in the presence of UV light and efficiently returns to a clear state when UV light is reduced or eliminated. Notably, the X6 coating technology delivers exceptional clarity and color performance, surpassing expectations in both activated and clear states. It seamlessly complements various lens materials and designs, including single vision, progressive, and bifocal lenses, providing a multitude of options for prescriptions and lens preferences.

As we eagerly anticipate the final stages of the product launch, we look forward to witnessing the transformative experiences these optical lenses will deliver to a wider audience. Our commitment to delivering top-tier customer service and maintaining open lines of communication ensures that our clients receive the utmost care and attention when selecting and utilizing our lenses.

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