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IDEAL X-Active Photochromic Lens MASS

Short Description:

Application scenario: Based on the principle of reversible reaction of photochromic interchange, the lenses can quickly darken under the irradiation of light and UV rays to block strong light, absorb UV rays and have a neutral absorption of visible light. When back to a dark place, they can quickly restore to the colorless and transparent state that ensures the transmission of light. Therefore, photochromic lenses are applicable for both indoor and outdoor use to prevent the sunlight, UV rays, and glare from harming the eyes.

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Key Details

Product IDEAL X-Active Photochromic Lens MASS Index 1.56
Material NK-55 Abbe Value 38
Diameter 75/70/65mm Coating HC/HMC/SHMC

Product Features

The lenses take on a darker color for daily wear, reduce to a light color indoors, and change color properly behind the windshields. As self-adaptive lenses, they are comfortable, convenient and protective, providing more protection to the wearer's eyes.

MASS 201
MASS 202

How to Choose Photochromic Lenses

Mainly consider the functional features of the lenses, the use of the glasses, and personal needs for color. Photochromic lenses can also be made into multiple colors, such as grey, teal, pink, purple, blue and others.

a. Gray lenses: absorb infrared rays and most of the UV rays. The biggest advantage of the lenses is that they do not change the original color of the scene, and the most satisfying is that they reduce the intensity of light more effectively. The gray lenses absorb all the color spectrums in a balanced way, so that the scene can be viewed darker without significant chromatic aberration, showing a natural and true feeling. Gray belongs to neutral color that is suitable for all people.

b. Teal lenses: Teal lenses are popular among wearers for their ability to filter out large amounts of blue light and improve visual contrast and clarity. They are more effective when worn in severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Teal lenses are ideal for drivers because they can block the light reflection from smooth and shiny surfaces while still allowing the wearer to see fine details. They are prior options for the middle-aged and elderly as well as people with high myopia of 600 degrees or more.

Product Display

MASS 203
MASS 204
MASS 205

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