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Progressive multifocal lenses provide a natural, convenient, and comfortable correction method for presbyopia patients. A single pair of glasses can help you see clearly in the distance, up close, and at intermediate distances, which is why we also call progressive lenses "zoom lenses." Wearing them is equivalent to using multiple pairs of glasses.

Our colorful photochromic lenses are our latest product, designed to give users an amazing visual experience. These lenses automatically change color based on the light conditions, going from clear indoors to dark outdoors, ensuring clear and comfortable vision everywhere.
To meet different users' needs, we offer several color choices: gray, brown, pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. Enjoy great vision and show off your style at the same time!


 As a perfect substitute for 1.74 lenses, the edge thickness of the 1.71 lens is the same as that of the 1.74 lens at a -6.00 diopter. The double-sided aspheric design makes the lens thinner and lighter, reduces edge distortion, and provides a wider, clearer field of vision. Additionally, with an Abbe value of 37 compared to the 1.74 lens's Abbe value of 32, the 1.71 lens offers superior visual quality for the wearer.

The 1.60 SUPER FLEX lens uses MR-8 Plus as its raw material, which is an upgraded version of MR-8. This upgrade enhances the safety and impact resistance of the lens, making it an "all-rounder lens" with high refractive index, high Abbe value, strong impact resistance, and high static pressure load capacity. MR-8 Plus lenses can pass the FDA drop ball test without an added base coating. 


1.Excellent Production and Management Capabilities: Over 400 employees, a 20,000 square meter factory, and three production lines (PC, resin, and RX). Annual production of 15 million lenses. 

2.Varied and Customizable Product Choices: Full range of refractive index products and personalized custom solutions. 

 3.Global Sales Network: Coverage in over 60 countries and regions.

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