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IDEAL Highly Impact-Resistant Superflex Lens

Short Description:

● Application scenarios: According to incomplete statistics in 2022, about 4 out of every 10 people in daily life are short-sighted. Among them, there are not a few patients with broken lenses and eye injuries due to sports, accidental falls, sudden impacts and other accidents every year. When we are doing exercise, we will inevitably make intense movements. Once this collision occurs, the lens may be broken, which will cause great harm to the eyes.

● Combining PC’s impact resistance, excellent optical characteristics, and tensile strength, our Superflex lens is extremely suitable for rimless, semi-rimless frames and especially great for RX edging.

Product Detail

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Key Details

Product IDEAL Superflex Lens Index 1.56/1.60
Material Superflex / MR-8 Abbe Value 43/40
Diameter 70/65mm Coating HMC/SHMC
SPH -0.00 to -10.00; +0.25 to +6.00 CYL -0.00 to -4.00
Design SP / ASP; None Blue Block / Blue Block

More Information

● Superflex material is super impact resistant lens materials. This lens material has the highest tensile strength of any material. Superflex lenses present a cross-linked network structure. When impacted by external forces, they can interact and support each other. The anti-impact performance is super strong, which has exceeded the national standard for impact resistance by more than 5 times. Compared to traditional lenses, Superflex lenses are able to bend and flex without cracking, which makes them less prone to damage from impact.

● Due to the low index of the specific gravity, meaning that their weight is still low despite the appearance being thicker, and performance is high in their eyewear.

● Superflex material still has excellent optics features and naturally UV blocking capacity. Superflex lenses also have a high degree of scratch resistance, which means they can maintain their clarity and durability as time goes on.

● Overall, Superflex lenses are a popular choice for people who require durable eyewear that can withstand daily wear and tear, active lifestyles, and sports activities. They offer excellent protection against impact, scratches, and breakage, while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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