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IDEAL Shield Revolution Blue Blocking Photochromic Lens SPIN

Short Description:

People who spend a lot of time using electronic screens (such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs) are apt to use blue blocking photochromic lenses. These lenses are particularly useful for those who work or relax with electronic devices, as they can help reduce eye strain, fatigue, and possibly long-term damage from exposure to blue light. In addition, the photochromic properties of these lenses make them ideal for people who frequently move between different environments with varying light levels, such as driving in changing lighting conditions or working both indoors and outdoors.

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Product IDEAL Shield Revolution Photochromic Blue Block Lens SPIN Index 1.56/1.591/1.60/1.67/1.74
Material NK-55/PC/MR-8/MR-7/MR-174 Abbe Value 38/32/40/38/33
Diameter 75/70/65mm Coating HC/HMC/SHMC

More Information

● Spin coating is a common technique for applying thin films to lenses. When a mixture of film material and solvent falls on the surface of the lens and rotates at a high speed, the centripetal force and the surface tension of the liquid combines to form a covering layer of uniform thickness. After any remaining solvent has evaporated, the spin-coated film material forms a thin film of several nanometers in thickness. The main advantage of spin coating over other methods is the ability to produce very uniform films quickly and easily. This makes the color more uniform and stable after discoloration, and can react to the light in a short time to open and close, thus protecting the glasses from being damaged by strong light.

● Comparing to MASS material changing photochromic lens that are limited to 1.56 and 1.60, but SPIN can cover all index as it is a coating layer;

● As the blue block film is just a thin coating, it will take less time to change to the darkness performance.

● Blue blocking photochromic lenses are the ones that combine two unique features to provide the best viewing experience. The first feature is the blue blocking material that helps filter out blue light emitted by digital screens and other electronic devices. This helps reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improves sleep patterns. The second feature is the photochromic property, which darkens or brightens the lenses depending on the amount of light present in the environment. This means the lenses automatically adjust to provide optimal clarity and comfort in any lighting condition either indoors or outdoors. Altogether, these features satisfy the needs for line-of-sight from those who spend a lot of time using digital devices or need to constantly switch between different lighting conditions. The anti-blue light coating helps protect eyes from the potentially harmful effects of blue light, while the photochromic coating ensures the lenses always provide optimal clarity in any lighting condition.


Product Display

SPIN BB 204-1

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