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IDEAL Rx Freeform Digital Progressive Lens

Short Description:

● It is a lens that can meet the customized needs of multiple application scenarios such as daily use/sports/driving/office (optimize and adjust different partitions of the lens)

● Applicable crowd range: middle-aged and elderly people – easy to see far and near / people who are susceptible to visual fatigue – anti-fatigue / teenagers – slow down the progression of myopia

Product Detail

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Key Details

Product RX FREEFORM DIGITAL PROGRESSIVE LENS Index 1.56/1.591/1.60/1.67/1.74
Material NK-55/PC/MR-8/MR-7/MR-174 Abbe Value 38/32/42/32/33
Diameter 75/70/65mm Coating HC/HMC/SHMC

More Information

RX freeform lenses are a type of prescription eyeglass lenses that use advanced technology to create a more customized and precise vision correction for the wearer. Unlike traditional prescription lenses that are ground and polished using a standard process, freeform lenses use computer-controlled machines to create a unique lens for each patient, based on their exact prescription and specific vision needs. The term "freeform" refers to the way in which the lens surface is created. Rather than using a uniform curve across the entire lens, freeform lenses use multiple curves in different areas of the lens, allowing for a more accurate correction of vision and reducing distortion or blurriness. The resulting lens has a complex, variable surface that is optimized for the individual wearer's prescription and vision requirements. Freeform lenses can provide a range of benefits over traditional prescription lenses, including:

● Reduced distortion: The complexity of the freeform lens surface allows for correction of more complex visual aberrations, which can reduce distortion and blurring that can be experienced with traditional lenses.

● Improved visual clarity: The precise customization of freeform lenses can offer a sharper and clearer image for the wearer, even in low light conditions.

● Greater comfort: Freeform lenses can also be designed with a thinner and lighter lens profile, which can help reduce the weight of the glasses and make them more comfortable to wear.

● Enhanced visual range: A freeform lens can be customized to provide a wider field of view, allowing the wearer to see more clearly in their peripheral vision.

RX freeform lenses are available in a range of materials and coatings, including anti-reflective coatings, which can further improve visual clarity and reduce glare. They are a popular choice for individuals looking for the most advanced and precise vision correction available. 

Product Display

RX Freeform 201
RX Freeform 202
RX Freeform 203
RX Freeform 205-1

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