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IDEAL Blue Block Lens With Coat Reflecting

Short Description:

Application scenarios: For most office workers who sit in front of computers, or mobile phone users who use smart phones for all day long, Blue Block lenses can make the screens less dazzling and their eyes more comfortable with less symptoms of dry or tired eyes. Blue light from nature is ubiquitous, and people are deeply troubled by the high-energy short-wave blue light, so it is recommended to wear it for all day.

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Key Details

Product Ideal Blue Block Lens with Coat Reflecting Index 1.56/1.591/1.60/1.67/1.74
Material NK-55/PC/MR-8/MR-7/MR-174 Abbe Value 38/32/42/38/33
Diameter 75/70/65mm Coating HMC/SHMC

More Information

● Traditional anti-blue light lenses directly coated with anti-blue light film will reflect light to a certain extent, which will have a certain impact on visual effects; and our "coated blue block lens" is a breakthrough through the reduction the double-layer protection of the reflective film layer and the high-energy blue light filter film captures and reduces the reflected light incident from multiple angles from multiple dimensions, achieving good light transmittance effect;

● The surface can absorb the ultraviolet rays, and the coating on both surfaces reduce the reflection of ultraviolet rays into the eyes, achieving a dual protection effect that can well protect our eyes;

● Classification of blue light: Blue light can be divided into two bands: the blue-violet light and the blue-green light. Blue-violet light with a slightly shorter wavelength is harmful to the retina, and over time it can cause retinopathy and cell death. The slightly longer wavelength blue-green light is essential for aiding vision, contrast, color vision, pupil reflex and development, and helps synchronize circadian rhythms, maintain and regulate memory, mood and hormonal balance. Therefore, we need to block harmful blue light segments and accept beneficial blue light segments.

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