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Upcoming Participation at Beijing and France Optical Fairs!

Dear Customers and Partners,
We are thrilled to announce that IDEAL OPTICAL will participate in the 36th China International Optics Fair (CIOF 2024) from September 10 to 12 in Beijing, and the SILMO Paris 2024 from September 20 to 23. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our latest products and technologies, and we warmly invite you to visit us.
IDEAL OPTICAL has established a significant presence in the global optical industry, dedicated to offering high-quality lenses and professional services. Over the past year, we have attended several major international optical fairs, presenting our innovative products and receiving widespread attention and acclaim.

Review and Outlook
Wenzhou International Optical Fair
● Date: May 2024
● Location: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
● Highlights: At the Wenzhou fair, we showcased products including Blue Cut Lenses, Photochromic Lenses, and Progressive Lenses. Our booth attracted numerous visitors, and our technical and sales teams engaged in in-depth discussions with clients from around the world, exploring future collaboration opportunities.

Optical Fairs-1

Milan International Optical Fair
● Date: February 2024
● Location: Fiera Milano Rho
● Highlights: The Milan fair was a crucial platform for IDEAL OPTICAL to showcase innovative products for the European market. Our Cr39 Lenses, PC Lenses, and Custom Lens Solutions were well-received by European clients. The fair highlighted our excellent capabilities in personalized lens solutions.

Optical Fairs-2

Shanghai International Optical Fair
● Date: March 2024
● Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
● Highlights: At the Shanghai fair, We demonstrated significant achievements in enhancing production efficiency and product quality through advanced ERP systems and modern management methods, boosting customer trust and support for our brand.

Optical Fairs-3

Upcoming Beijing and France Fairs
Beijing International Optical Fair (CIOF 2024)
● Date: September 10 - 12, 2024
● Location: China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
● Booth Number: To be determined
At the upcoming Beijing fair, we will showcase a series of innovative lens products and technologies, including:
● Efficient Blue Cut Lenses: Reduce harmful blue light exposure.
● Advanced Photochromic Lenses: Automatically adjust color based on light.
New Progressive Lenses: Provide clearer vision for different visual needs.
Custom Lenses: Personalized solutions tailored to customer needs.
France International Optical Fair (SILMO 2024)
● Date: September 20 - 23, 2024
● Location: Paris Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions
● Booth Number: To be determined
During the SILMO fair in Paris, we will focus on:
● Eco-Friendly Materials Lenses: High-quality products meeting international environmental standards.
● Precision Optical Technology: Latest designs in progressive lens channels and functional lenses.
● Rapid Response Service: Showcase our fast sample preparation and professional POP support capabilities.

IDEAL OPTICAL has become an industry leader through years of experience, advanced technology, and strict quality control. We offer a wide range of products, from basic Cr39 and PC lenses to high-end Blue Cut and Photochromic lenses, meeting diverse customer needs. Moreover, our customization services and rapid response mechanisms ensure we provide high-quality products and services in the shortest possible time.
We consistently focus on customer satisfaction, using innovation and continuous improvement to provide the best solutions. Our extensive network of global partners spans Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and beyond, with numerous long-term partners who highly recognize our product quality and service.

We look forward to engaging with you at the upcoming Beijing and France optical fairs, showcasing our latest products and technologies. IDEAL OPTICAL is committed to advancing the optical industry and providing exceptional solutions for our customers.
Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at the fairs!

Post time: Jun-20-2024