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Product Introduction – Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments Lenses

Lenkonl Defocus 101

Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments Lenses are named because there are a number of tiny lenses visible to the naked eye at specific angles on the lens surface, which are distributed in a point shape, hence the name. Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments Lenses are a kind of myopia prevention and control frame glasses, which are composed of two areas. One is the central optical area used to correct refractive errors (myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism), and the other is the center extending to the periphery of the lens. Multiple zone myopic defocus zones. When the wearer looks at objects at different distances, defocus incorporated multiple segments lenses can provide clear vision and myopia defocus at the same time, and can prevent and control the growth of myopia while correcting vision.
The principle is to use the natural feedback mechanism of the eye - the phenomenon of emmetropization, so that the eyesight, visual development and retinal image of the eye are closest to the visual effect of the emmetropic eye.

At present, adolescent true myopia is mostly axial myopia, which is caused by the growth of the eye axis. Due to the elongation of the eyeball, the image position is projected in front of the retina. When correcting ordinary myopia lenses, the clearest correction is only aimed at the central vision, and the lens design itself gradually increases or irregularly increases the degree of the area outside the central brightness. After correction, the same object can be projected onto the fovea of the macula without any problem, ensuring clear vision. However, the object received by the peripheral retina is not directly on the retina, but is imaged on the posterior side of the retina, This will also lead to what we now consider hyperopia defocusing, which is currently recognized as one of the main causes of myopia formation and deepening by researchers. This is because hyperopia defocusing on the posterior side of the retina stimulates the growth of the eye axis towards the posterior side, leading to axial growth and further deepening of myopia.
The micro lens in the defocus area is specially designed to have a different degree from the single lens in the correction area, causing the image to fall in front of the retina, resulting in myopia defocus and providing a signal to the eye axis forward, achieving the effect of delaying myopia deepening.

Lenkonl Defocus 202
Lenkonl Defocus 203
Lenkonl Defocus 204


1.The myopia control effect is obvious: the delaying effect on myopia degree growth is as high as 59%, and the control effect on axial growth is as high as 60%.
2.Simple fitting: Multi-point myopia defocus lenses are a special type of single focus lens, and the fitting is simple.
3.High comfort: multi-point myopia defocus lenses have no astigmatism area and do not contact the human eye. Unlike contact lenses, which contact the cornea, they will not cause discomfort.
4.Simple care: Compared with other lenses, such as orthokeratology lenses, which require hand washing and disinfection every time they are taken off and put on, and lens maintenance requires special care solutions.
5.The delaying effect of myopia is as high as 59%, and the controlling effect of axial growth is as high as 60%.


Post time: Oct-16-2023