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“Polarized? What polarized? Polarized sunglasses?”

"Polarized? What polarized? Polarized sunglasses?"
The weather is getting hot
It's time to outwit the ultraviolet rays again
Today, let's all learn about what polarized sunglasses are?


What are polarized sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be divided into polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses based on their function.
Polarized sunglasses: The lenses can effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. On top of that, they have a polarizing film layer that can block light from a certain direction, thereby achieving the effect of preventing glare.
Ordinary sunglasses: The lenses are mainly tinted, reducing light transmittance to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays without preventing glare.


What is the principle of polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are made based on the principle of light polarization. In addition to preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing light intensity, they can also filter out glare. This allows only light from a specific direction to pass through the lens axis and enter the eyes to form a visual image, effectively suppressing interference from various outdoor light sources and preventing direct sunlight from being dazzling, making the view clearer.
In layman's terms: The polarized function of the lenses is like installing blinds for the eyes, allowing only specific comfortable light to enter and reducing interference from scattered light sources.

What are the differences between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses in appearance?
There is no obvious difference, but wearing them feels significantly different. Try to experience the new visual world.

polarized sunglasses

In which scenarios is it suitable to wear polarized sunglasses?
Water activities (not slacking off during office hours)
Fishing (not fish farming)
Driving (not speeding)
Playing golf (as well as playing tennis, badminton, or any ball games)
Skiing, camping, rock climbing, hiking
When you need to hide dark circles due to lack of sleep
During dental procedures like filling, tooth extraction, or cleaning (might reduce dental fear)
They can even be used in medical fields for eye diseases and surgeries
Can people with myopia wear polarized sunglasses?
Yes. For myopic individuals, it is necessary to choose sunglasses that can be fitted with prescription lenses. Nowadays, some sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses, but there are still many restrictions during the fitting process.

How to choose truly effective polarized sunglasses?

(1) Check the polarization rate
The polarization rate is the main parameter to evaluate the polarizing function. Generally, the higher the polarization rate, the stronger the lens's ability to block glare, reflected light, and other scattered light; the polarization rate of excellent polarized lenses can exceed 99%.
(2) Understand the polarizing technology of the lens
The traditional sandwich pressing process might result in inaccurate degrees and thick lenses. The new integration process, "one-piece integration," is more accurate and durable, less likely to produce rainbow patterns, and makes the lens lighter and thinner.
(3) Choose polarized sunglasses with coated lens surfaces
The coating process on the lens surface makes polarized lenses stand out. Most lens manufacturers do not coat their polarized sunglasses, resulting in poor water, oil, and dust resistance; in fact, manufacturers already have excellent coating technologies that can be applied to polarized sunglasses to make the lenses more user-friendly and durable.
(4) Ultraviolet protection effect
Do not forget, polarized sunglasses are still sunglasses; they just have an added polarizing effect. So, the basic requirements for sunglasses also apply to them. An excellent pair of polarized sunglasses should also achieve UV400, meaning zero ultraviolet transmittance.

polarized sunglasses-1

Post time: Mar-29-2024