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IDEAL Optical Lens Manufacturers China Danyang

Questions and Answers about Our Company

Q: What are the notable achievements and experiences of the company since its establishment?

A: Since our establishment in 2010, we have accumulated over 10 years of professional production experience and have gradually become a leading enterprise in the lens industry. We have extensive production experience, with an annual output of 15 million pairs of lenses, capable of efficiently completing orders of 100,000 pairs of lenses within 30 days. This not only demonstrates our high production capacity but also showcases our exceptional ability to quickly respond to market demands.


Q: What is special about the company's production and testing equipment?

A: We are equipped with the industry's most advanced production equipment, including PC injection molding machines, hard coating machines, cleaning, and drying machines, ensuring that every production step meets the highest standards. Additionally, we possess world-class quality testing equipment such as Abbe refractometers, thin film stress testers, and static testing machines, guaranteeing that every pair of lenses undergoes rigorous testing for superior quality.

Q: What products and services does the company offer?

A: We offer a comprehensive range of lens products, including blue light blocking lenses, progressive lenses, photochromic lenses, and custom-made lenses for specific needs, meeting the diverse demands of different customers. Furthermore, we provide exclusive packaging design with customer logos and company names, truly realizing personalized customization services. This customization capability is our unique advantage.

Q: How does the company perform in the international market?

A: We have long-term partners in over 60 countries and regions worldwide. Our product quality and services are highly recognized, especially in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. This gives us broad influence and high-quality partnerships in the international market.


Q: How does the company ensure quality assurance?

A: We have obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and our products comply with CE standards. We are also in the process of applying for FDA certification. We offer a 24-month quality guarantee for all stock lenses, ensuring our customers have no worries. This comprehensive quality assurance sets us apart in the market.

Q: What advantages does the company's management system offer?

A: We have an advanced ERP system and robust inventory management capability, ensuring efficient and precise production and delivery. Our efficient management system allows us to maintain a leading position in a competitive market.

Through these comprehensive advantages, we demonstrate our unparalleled competitiveness and market position in the lens manufacturing industry, making us your most reliable partner. If you have any other questions about our company, please leave us a message, and we will respond promptly.

Post time: May-28-2024