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About Coatings – How to choose the right “coating” for the lenses?

By using Hard coating and all kinds of Multi-hard coatings, we can upgrade our lenses and added your customized request into them.

By coating our lenses, the sustainability of the lenses can be highly increased.

With several layers of coating, we guarantee the long-lasting performance. We focus on  the anti-resistance, durability and anti-watering features. This can not only ensure users safety but also the best vision, which will make them be satisfied more with our lenses. Actually we can provide all the following coatings for lenses in all indexes.

Coating of lenses 01

First of all, Hard Coating. Normally, users may not pay much attention to the scratches in the surface of their glasses, often when take them off and see will say “Oh, there indeed exists so scratches”. However, any scratch on the surface will strain the eyes necessarily and thus cause different kinds of uncomfortable feelings, such as headaches, concentration loss and vision health decreasing. So as to deal with these problems, we usually do Hard Coating on our lenses. And Uncoated Lens is also available, if you need them for you own further processing or use in your own lab. Also at any time, you should always put the lenses down with the lenses facing down to protect them. By using special hard coating material matched to the lens in different indexes can not only increases the scratch resistance of the lens, but also ensures long-lasting visual quality and improves durability.

Anti-reflection coatingSecond, the Super Anti-reflection Coating. Comparing with the traditional green anti-reflection coatings, our Super coating which appearances more invisible can reduce the rest harmful reflection more effectively. Since the normal coating will make the transmission reach 96%, the Super one can increase the rate up to 99%. The high-quality anti-reflection coating can effectively reduce the image reflection of the lens, so that when talking with others, they can clearly look at your eyes. In the case of wet road or driving at night, the anti-reflection coating can reduce the impact of glare on the eyes and protect the safety of travel. In addition to reducing external reflections and making vision clearer, your eyes will also look more natural, as if you were not wearing glasses.

Last but not least, the Super-hydrophobic Coating. It ensures liquid and solid dust can not stay in the surface and leave water marks. This kind of transparent waterproof film coating can make the lens have excellent hydrophobic properties, and can provide a smooth surface for the lens, making it difficult for stains and dust to adhere to the surface of the lens, greatly reducing the frequency of wiping our glasses and simplifying the lens care steps.

More, the Blue Light Filter coating. Different from our IDEAL High UV Protection Blue Block Lens which include the anti-blue function in the raw material, we can also make this function work in coating, since we spend more and more time facing the computer and digital screens and make our eyes some kind of uncomfortable.


Still some more functional coatings are still under development, to be continued!

Post time: Aug-14-2023