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IDEAL Successfully Holds Exchange Activity to Promote Business Development

June 5, 2024 – The industry exchange event hosted by IDEAL concluded successfully! The event aimed to improve teamwork and business skills by sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and discussing strategies to overcome company challenges.
IDEAL invited several industry experts to share their experiences. Ms. Yang from Baozhilin detailed the company's marketing plans, especially for exhibitions and client visits. Her presentation provided a clear understanding of future marketing directions. Following this, Vice President Du from Huaixi Company shared insights on promoting in overseas markets, focusing on acquiring customers through LinkedIn. His presentation offered valuable guidance for expanding into international markets.


Mr. Wu from Ideal Optical shared his experience in developing major clients. He covered six key aspects: combining online and offline efforts, coordinating domestic and international operations, establishing benchmark clients, sincerely serving customers, setting up a large backend with a small frontend model, and encouraging salespeople to break self-imposed limits. Each point was illustrated with detailed case studies, providing practical insights. Finally, Ms. Wu from Shanghai Jianghuai shared valuable experiences on major client negotiations, from forming a negotiation team to product development and SWOT analysis of company strengths and weaknesses.
During the Q&A session, participants actively asked questions, and the guest speakers provided detailed answers and actionable suggestions. Discussions focused on major client development SOPs, optimizing social media and self-built websites, improving salespeople's skills, leadership and middle management development, defining job responsibilities, enhancing performance, implementing systems, addressing challenges in new employee training, and managing wide-ranging customer service roles.
The successful conclusion of this exchange activity not only fostered internal communication and learning but also laid a solid foundation for future development. With everyone's joint efforts, the company is poised to achieve greater breakthroughs and growth.

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Post time: Jun-06-2024