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How to get used to progressive lenses?

How to get used to progressive lenses

A single pair of glasses solves both near and far vision issues.

As people enter middle and old age, the ciliary muscle of the eye begins to decline, lacking elasticity, which causes difficulty in forming an appropriate curvature when looking at close objects. This reduces the refraction of incoming light, leading to focusing challenges.

Previously, the solution was to have two pairs of glasses: one for distance and one for reading, which were alternated as needed. However, this practice is cumbersome and frequent switching can cause eye fatigue.


How can this issue be resolved? IDEAL OPTICAL introduces progressive multifocal lenses, a single pair of glasses that addresses both near and far vision, effectively solving this problem!

IDEAL OPTICAL's progressive multifocal lenses feature a change in lens power along the central visual channel, adding near lens power to accommodate different distances. This design reduces or compensates for the need to adjust focus, providing a continuous and clear vision for near, medium, and far distances.

progressive multifocal lenses

The lenses have three primary zones: The "distance zone" at the top for far vision, the "near zone" at the bottom for reading, and a "progressive zone" in between, smoothly transitioning between the two, which also allows clear vision at intermediate distances.

These glasses look no different from regular lenses but provide clear vision at all distances, hence the nickname "zooming glasses."

They are especially suitable for individuals over 40, such as doctors, lawyers, writers, teachers, researchers, and accountants, who frequently use their eyes.

Due to the high technical content of IDEAL OPTICAL progressive multifocal glasses and the strict requirements for fitting data, accurate measurement is crucial for comfort. Inaccurate data can lead to discomfort, dizziness, and unclear near vision.

Therefore, it is essential to have a professional optometrist accurately measure and fit these glasses to avoid potential issues.

Post time: Apr-03-2024